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Hello, my name is Lou Bardach, owner of Live True Be Well, and therapeutic wellness and reparenting life coach. My approach to coaching is similar in some ways to psychotherapy, which I am also being trained to do, working toward Florida psychotherapist licensure as a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern (RCSWI) at Cypress Wellness Center. I graduated with honors from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and I was awarded a master of social work degree from the University of Central Florida. I have also received training in the Internal Family Systems psychotherapeutic model through the IFS Institute’s Online Circle program, and as a current member of the IFS Continuity advanced training program. I additionally hold a degree from the Colorado Institute of Art, and view people connecting with their “art” (in all its many forms) as central to claiming and living in one’s truth.

I have studied Tibetan-style meditation and mindfulness practices and bring a grounded, person-focused approach to helping and supporting others. I work with clients to create a safe environment to foster self-exploration, healing, and transformation. I believe that health and well-being are cultivated through self-care -- by learning to become one’s own compassionate caregiver. As a gay man experienced in working with LGBTQ+ adolescents and adults, I am particularly interested in helping others heal from the effects of homophobia and other types of social oppression through the lens of intersectionality and empowerment.

My own “arts” include writing -- poetry, fiction, and non-fiction -- public speaking, meditation, stretching/bodywork, gardening, engaging nature, befriending animals, encouraging children (and inner children) to laugh, traveling to places I have never been, and walking a lifetime path of personal growth and discovery. 

What is Internal Family Systems? (8m)

Introductory Overview of IFS (1hr)

IFS & Reparenting by Lou (55m)

Live True Be Well coaching services are solution-focused, strengths-based, and person-centered. We seek to empower you, our client, towards self-determined goals. We believe each person is an expert on their own life, and thus, we partner with you to identify the individualized approaches that will work best. We comprehensively promote physical, emotional, and psychological self-care across the mind-body continuum. This coaching method fosters a healthy relationship with one’s Self as an essential foundation to connect with others and the world at large. Live True Be Well coaching promotes self-awareness, self-compassion, self-acceptance, self-motivation, self-efficacy, and self-love.

Internal Family Systems (IFS)-Informed Coaching
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